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  • Connect the World

    Blockchain Systems are in the process of changing the world. They hold the potential to reduce cost and increase resiliency of services in virtually every major industry. They are already beginning to impact messaging services, file sharing, payment systems, trading, ecommerce, polling and data storage.

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    Use and Provide

    In peer-to-peer blockchain systems, the system users could provide the hardware, software and networking resources necessary to operate the system. In a marketplace like Ebay, Ebay provides the servers that hosts the images and text for all of the goods offered for sale. And Ebay, through (former subsidiary) Paypal, processes the transactions.

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    Give and Receive

    Imagine that a marketplace like the one Ebay provides was provided by a peer-to-peer blockchain system. Users of the marketplace would also be peer nodes performing hosting and transaction processing for the marketplace. Some users would consume more resources than they provide and would incur fees to use the system. Others would provide more resources than they use and will have a system surplus. What if the system could some how allocate revenue to peers with a surplus. Ebay generated $9.6B in revenue in 2017.

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    Change the World

    VCs are excited about the potential of blockchain systems and have invested Billions of dollars thus far. Many believe blockchain systems may have an impact comparable to the invention of the Internet.

  • Technologies

    Linux, Windows, Servers, Raspberry Pi, Android, IOS

    C, C++, Java, Javascript, Bash, Perl, Python, Go, PHP, MySQL, Node.js


    RFID or NFC tags , Bluetooth, or Bluetooth LE, System-On-Chip


    OpenPGP, GPG, OpenSSL, or OpenSSH

  • Viatec Research @ Centennial Campus North Carolina State University

    Viatec Research has research initiatives in blockchain, software engineering and networking. We concentrate on open source software and highly reliable secure software systems. We also provide education programs aimed at helping the community utilize software technology.


    NCSU Centennial Campus is the #1 University Research Science Park in the United States


    NCSU's graduate Computer Science and Engineering School is one of the largest in the country

    NCSU is 4th largest undergraduate engineering program in the U.S.

    NC State is 5th in industry-supported research among peers ($440M in total research)

    "NC State is 1 of 12 most innovative universities in the United States." Dr. Elaine Rideout, Author Innovation U 2.0


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    Dr. Anthony Rivers, Managing Director